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    Bohning Blazer vanes

    Arrow Splitter

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    Bohning Blazer vanes

    Post by Arrow Splitter on Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:37 am

    I now have been using Blazer vanes for somewhere over 5 years, with great success. I use the standard 2" version, and have found that whether I'm shooting in breezy conditions or shooting with broadheads, these vanes provide great accuracy. I believe these vanes are a major reason why my broadheads fly nearly the same as my field points.
    Another point is how tough they are. I'm sure most of you have ripped fletchings before and had to replace them. I have actually shot a hole in a Blazer by accident. Not only did it not tear, but I continued to shoot it!

    I've found also that super glue (gel or liquid version) works very well on most fletching, and by using it on the Blazers I get insane adhesion to the arrow shaft.

    As a disclaimer I do not work for nor am I sponsored in any way by Bohning. I am just completely pleased with their product.


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    Re: Bohning Blazer vanes

    Post by NWMO on Sat Mar 19, 2016 7:57 pm

    My experience with the Blazers mirrors yours. Seems like I've always got to experiment tho. Last couple of years I've been using the AAE Max Hunter vanes. They're very picky as to what glue is used. AAE Max Bond works best. Like your experience with the Blazers, I've shot a hole in one, but it made no difference.
    This year I'm going to try the smaller version, AAE Pro Max. Anxious to try them for target & 3d.

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